Decisive Data eBook Downloads

The services we offer at Decisive Data are powerful but complex. And, while there’s a lot of room for misunderstanding, we pride ourselves on distilling the complexity and bringing customers on the journey with us. The Art + Data and Science + Data books are designed to break down our data visualization and data science processes. They introduce these disciplines, give you a glimpse into how we think about them, and invite you to the conversation about how we execute our work.

Art + Data
A Collection of Tableau Dashboards

Art + Data is designed to start a more productive conversation around visual analytics. Data visualization is a nuanced, rigorous discipline where analytics, user experience, and visual design ...

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Science + Data
An Overview of Data Science Fundamentals

Data science is among the most misunderstood fields in today’s professional landscape. Despite fervent conversation around the power of data science, the discipline lacks meaningful definition. The lack of basic understanding around the practice and...

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